Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gay Seniors Fear Bias

Advocates see hostility, disapproval toward LGBT in many facilities

By Cornelius Frolik, Staff WriterDayton Daily NewsJanuary 17, 2012      ...As more LGBT Ohioans age, advocacy groups for sexual equality and the elderly said care providers need training and education to ensure they effectively and appropriately serve this population.
Also, a local lawmaker hopes to change the state’s discrimination laws to better protect LGBT people, and a group of local residents have banded together to provide LGBT seniors with assistance to keep them in their homes...


  1. While I think this sounds accurate, I've found with seniors in general, a disinclination (at least at first) to participate in organized senior activities.

    I'm curious how much of it is entirely based on sexuality, and how much is the way so many seniors are resistant to change - sexuality notwithstanding?

  2. I think Winnie makes a good point, maybe it's a resistance to change in general. People who are set in their ways will frown upon anything new, whether or not they're in a nursing home.

  3. In any case, I'd like to think that all places should be LGBT-friendly. I know things are looking up, though, and with every batch of seniors, I hope their minds become more open.

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  5. This is so unfair because no one deserves to be judged in the first place. I think they deserve equal hospice care when it comes to medical health provisions.